Who We Are

We, African and Caribbean Immigration and Social Services Inc. (ACISS Inc.), are a 501(c)(3) grassroots service organization composed of a devoted, passionate team of legal, social services, and business professionals that extends a welcome to strangers (i.e., newcomers to the United States of America) and guides them through the immigrant integration process. Our

  • Mission is to provide comprehensive immigration and related social services to underserved immigrants through a holistic integration model.
  • Vision is that immigrant communities (especially African and Caribbean immigrant communities) will understand and promote legal immigration processes, develop and implement programs to enhance immigrant integration, encourage positive community building, provide a welcoming environment for the stranger in their midst, and promote their ethnicity through positive involvement with larger surrounding communities (e.g., hosting of annual fairs for the public that display the cuisine, music, and dress of their ethnic group).
  • Slogan is “I was a stranger, and you took me in,” and our logo centers on welcomeness and inclusiveness. Both express our desire that immigrant integration be a wholesome experience for immigrants.