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Who We Are

African and Caribbean Immigration and Social Services Inc. (ACISS Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting newcomers to the United States. Our team of committed legal, social services, and business professionals guides immigrants through the integration process.

Mission: To provide comprehensive immigration and related social services to underserved immigrants through a holistic integration model.

Vision: To empower immigrant communities, particularly those from Africa and the Caribbean, to understand and advocate for legal immigration processes, develop and implement programs that enhance integration, foster positive community building, create welcoming environments for newcomers, and celebrate their cultural heritage. This includes organizing annual fairs that showcase their cuisine, music, and traditional attire.

Slogan: “I was a stranger, and you took me in.” We emphasize welcomeness and inclusiveness through this slogan and use it to guide our programs and services.

Our History

Changing Lives

In 2012, Nancy T. Burphy encountered the prevalence of domestic violence in immigrant communities, prompting her to seek answers from the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ). She was introduced to Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) within the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Over the subsequent years, Mrs. Burphy continued to witness the prevalence of domestic violence and other injustices in immigrant communities. She contacted various community activists and prominent professionals to raise awareness of these conditions. Between 2013 and 2015, she actively researched immigration practices and procedures, obtaining legal training and leadership roles to serve African immigrant communities.

In 2015, Nancy T. Burphy and a small group of community activists created African And Caribbean Immigration And Social Services Inc (ACISS) to address the needs of immigrants who were underserved in terms of access to migration resources.

ACISS found that Immigrants face significant stigmatization, which negatively impacts their interaction and integration into the community. Therefore, ACISS focuses on immersive community integration by creating ways for immigrants to become fully involved. With the support of permanent and as-needed attorneys, ACISS started serving individuals with nowhere else to turn.

Our Clients

What They’re Talking About Company

  • I was emotionally, physically, and verbally abused by my ex-wife while we were still married. Frantic, I contacted ACISS for help. They immediately advised me to involve the police and

    ACISS Helped Me Through Domestic Abuse
  • In 2014, I adopted my four nieces following the death of their parents during the Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone. One of the girls was born in the Gambia when

    ACISS Reunited My Family
  • In 2020, ACISS submitted my application to adjust to lawful permanent residency under the LRIF benefit for Liberians. My application was approved, and my green card was backdated 38 years,

    Incredible Work by the ACISS Team
  • I am grateful for and impressed with the professional and timely service that you, ACISS, provided to restore my permanent resident status. Having stayed outside of the US for a

    I Am Grateful for ACISS’ Professional and Timely Service

    Team Member

    2023 - 2024 Board of Directors

    Mohamedu F. Jone

    Dak Lavala
    Board Member

    Sylvia Ross
    Board Member

    Nancy T. Burphy
    Chief Executive Officer

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