Pro Bono Workers Helping Immigrant Families

Helping immigrant families is what we, ACISS Inc., are all about. Since our inception, our clientele has been growing exponentially: We have been helping immigrant families achieve their integration goals, and having attained them, these satisfied families have been spreading the word about our services. When we consider the number of immigrant families served by […]

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working together

The Teamwork of an Immigration Nonprofit and Its Clientele Communities

An immigration nonprofit is dependent on its volunteers, and it is a boost when these volunteers come out of the communities that the nonprofit serves. Their doing so increases the nonprofit’s value and demonstrates the beautiful dynamics of teamwork. An immigration nonprofit cannot stand alone. Without the talents and skills of its communities, the nonprofit […]

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thank you

We Salute You—Our Pro Bono Volunteer Staff!

October 22–28, 2017, is Global Pro Bono Week! We acknowledge and applaud you—our pro bono volunteer staff: Mohamedu Jones (legal services) Abigail Isaacs (paralegal services) Stephanie Paraiso (community liaising) Verna Walker (professional counseling) Glory Publishing LLC (web content management) Working voluntarily and without pay, you make it possible for us to serve our immigrant communities […]

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TPS Granted to Citizens of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone due to Ebola Epidemic Expires

Expiration of the TPS/Ebola Benefit for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone: What Its Beneficiaries Need to Do

The Temporary Protected Status (TPS)/Ebola benefit to citizens of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone expires on May 21, 2017, and will not be renewed. On that date, TPS beneficiaries will no longer be eligible to work in the US and will be in removal except for Beneficiaries who acquired a lawful status while on TPS. […]

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