An immigration nonprofit is dependent on its volunteers, and it is a boost when these volunteers come out of the communities that the nonprofit serves. Their doing so increases the nonprofit’s value and demonstrates the beautiful dynamics of teamwork.

An immigration nonprofit cannot stand alone. Without the talents and skills of its communities, the nonprofit cannot achieve its mission: The communities bring resources (e.g., human, financial, material), and the immigration nonprofit serves via these resources.

Such was the case with our outgoing directors, Anthony Ugorji and Cherri Cox-Stewart. They gave voluntarily of their time, skills, and finances, and we, ACISS Inc., gave back to the immigrant communities out of which these directors came. They welcomed the strangers by speaking their languages, understanding their culture, and empathizing with their needs. In this way, ACISS Inc. became the communities’ own immigration nonprofit.

We bid these directors farewell and welcome others to build on Anthony and Cherri’s contributions. When they do so, the dynamics of the immigration nonprofit and its clientele communities recycle. Would you consider joining this intriguing dynamism? To volunteer, call us at 240-893-1160. We need able, committed volunteers. Working with such, we can accomplish a lot for our communities.

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