Board Member Profiles

Mohamedu F. Jones

Mohamedu F. Jones is a partner with Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West, a firm committed to providing responsive legal solutions resulting in cost-effective results and having offices in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. He is a member of the firm’s special masterships team. In his role as deputy special master, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, he monitors prison reform compliance and progress, and his emphasis is on mental health care provided to prisoners.

Mr. Jones is a veteran advocate and attorney on civil rights matters from the East Coast to the West Coast and in his native country of Liberia. His unique set of skills includes working in the private sector and for the government of Liberia. He has a distinct interest in securing social justice for all people, particularly for those less fortunate. Mr. Jones is the founder of an advocacy organization for immigration relief for Liberian citizens in the United States.

Mr. Jones earned his law degree in his native country, summa cum laude, and his master of law degree from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a member of the bar associations of New York and Maryland and a member of the chambers of commerce of Greater Providence East Greenwich, and Northern Rhode Island.

Anthony C. Ugorji

Anthony C. Ugorji is special assistant to the operations manager at Exeter Job Corps in Exeter, Rhode Island. He has extensive experience in executive management in the airline and international business industries and focuses on overseas, field, and branch office management. At Executer Job Corps, his responsibilities involve all aspects of food service management. Mr. Ugorji is also a private international marketer with success in the fishing and clothing industries. He earned his bachelor of arts degree in accounting and financial management and is certified in internal controls, quality controls, and management.

Cherri Cox-Stewart

Cherri Cox-Stewart is the vice president and general manager for Doc’s Homedical Supplies LLC, a firm providing affordable, high-quality, home medical supplies and equipment to the community so that they can obtain hospital quality care from the comfort of their homes. Mrs. Cox-Stewart is a retired senior securities accounting analyst (from Fannie-Mae) and has more than 25 years of business analyst expertise and experience and training in accounting, finance, and management information systems. Mrs. Cox-Stewart holds a bachelor of science degree in information systems from Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Nancy T. Burphy

Nancy T. Burphy is the chief executive officer of ACISS Inc. She provides the day-to-day management of the firm’s legal, administrative, and business teams. Under her leadership, ACISS has built a comprehensive immigration service that has resulted in the successful USCIS adjudication of hundreds of cases. Mrs. Burphy is responsible for spearheading the strategic development of all of ACISS Inc.’s current and future programs.

Mrs. Burphy’s role in professional community development began in her native country of Liberia, where she supervised the agricultural projects department of the Agricultural and Cooperative Development Bank and continued in the United States when she served on the program management team of the Literacy Council of Prince Georges County, Maryland. Within the private sector, Mrs. Burphy has provided start-up, regulatory, strategic planning, and business-mentoring services that have resulted in the creation, growth, and stability of small and medium businesses.

Mrs. Burphy holds a master of arts in development banking from the American University in Washington, DC, and a bachelor of arts in business administration from the University of Liberia in Monrovia, Liberia. She is actively involved in the Liberia Prayer Vigil Inc. and the Association of Liberian Christian Ministers Inc.