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ACISS Helped Me Get the Change of Status That I Deserved

My experience with ACISS has been surreal. There is no amount of words that can express my gratitude for their diligence, thoroughness and results. After investing thousands of dollars with lawyers and the Immigration process and still not being able to obtain the accurate change of status, I was at the point of giving up.

I was introduced to ACISS who took my case but did everything they could with the resources they had to investigate my case from the beginning. It was then that they discovered it was a wording technicality and so the papers were misfiled and misinterpreted which caused my paperwork to be rejected when the change of status was filed. [After] twelve years of lawyer fees, filing, denials, refiling, countless hours of getting nowhere beyond stacks of paperwork, and loss of a lot of money, I was exhausted.

The team’s diligence, work ethic and integrity have enabled me to have my status reinstated. I could not have done it without them. If you need any assistance, guidance and direction regarding your Immigration paperwork especially if you came into this country as a child or because of extenuating circumstances as a refugee, they are your resource. They are trustworthy and will not compromise your integrity or theirs.

—IP (who resides in Georgia and is from Liberia)

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