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Volunteer with ACISS

Join our team where compassion meets action. We are a dedicated team committed to making a positive impact on the lives of immigrants seeking a better future. Join us in building bridges, fostering understanding, and creating a welcoming community.

Donate to Immigration Services

To build communities, we need more resources than we can muster on our own. For example, some of our clients cannot afford legal representation or have been exploited by legal representation. Others of our clients (men and women) are victims of domestic abuse who cannot afford therapy or do not access the help available in the social services system because they are ignorant of it. To help these clients, you can donate to immigration services that we provide. You can contribute financially to one of our services (e.g., by sponsoring an individual, family, or intern). Your financial contributions will help us increase our pro bono services, reduce our service fees, host community workshops, and establish other sites approved by the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s Office of Legal Access Programs to provide immigration legal services. (Such sites are referred to as “recognized” and must have an accredited representative, a nonlegal professional trained and approved to practice immigration law). You can also contribute in kind (e.g., by providing updated immigration law material to improve our library, by providing assessment tools to evaluate needs to make a determination for pro bono services, by contributing workshop material and supplies).

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