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Pro Bono Workers Helping Immigrant Families

Helping immigrant families is what we, ACISS Inc., are all about. Since our inception, our clientele has been growing exponentially: We have been helping immigrant families achieve their integration goals, and having attained them, these satisfied families have been spreading the word about our services.

When we consider the number of immigrant families served by our small team, we have to applaud the unpaid and/or behind-the-scenes workers who provide all levels of support to ensure that we benefit the public. We appreciate these willing helpers, without whom we would be unable to accomplish our mission: to provide comprehensive immigration legal services to underserved immigrants, including immigrant families. During this year’s celebration of Pro Bono Week, we recognize two groups of pro bono workers:

  1. Mohamedu Jones, our lawyer. Mohamedu works long and odd hours to ensure that our clients receive outstanding legal services.
  2. Glory Publishing LLC, our web content manager. Glory Publishing LLC’s staff ensures that our site content is clear, concise, current, and optimized for search engines and that our site layout and design are easy to navigate, intuitive, and visually appealing.

Sometimes “thank you” seems so inadequate. We hope that there was a more profound word to link our appreciation to their service hours, but there is none. We can only hope that their example of public assistance will inspire our clients and the general public to give back—to give of themselves to accomplish something positive for their communities.

Mohamedu and Glory Publishing LLC, thanks for helping us help immigrant families. God bless you!

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