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  • I was emotionally, physically, and verbally abused by my ex-wife while we were still married. Frantic, I contacted ACISS for help. They immediately advised me to involve the police and

    ACISS Helped Me Through Domestic Abuse
  • In 2014, I adopted my four nieces following the death of their parents during the Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone. One of the girls was born in the Gambia when

    ACISS Reunited My Family
  • In 2020, ACISS submitted my application to adjust to lawful permanent residency under the LRIF benefit for Liberians. My application was approved, and my green card was backdated 38 years,

    Incredible Work by the ACISS Team
  • I am grateful for and impressed with the professional and timely service that you, ACISS, provided to restore my permanent resident status. Having stayed outside of the US for a

    I Am Grateful for ACISS’ Professional and Timely Service

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