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What Our Clients Say About ACISS

  • I am grateful for and impressed with the professional and timely service that you, ACISS, provided to restore my permanent resident status. Having stayed outside of the US for a

    I Am Grateful for ACISS’ Professional and Timely Service
  • My experience with ACISS has been surreal. There is no amount of words that can express my gratitude for their diligence, thoroughness and results. After investing thousands of dollars with

    ACISS Helped Me Get the Change of Status That I Deserved
  • I am a male that was in a marriage where my wife was physical with me on a regular basis. ACISS recommended, but I didn’t want to go through the

    I Am Grateful for ACISS’ Domestic Abuse Counseling
  • I really thank ACISS. At the initial stage I didn’t believe I could get help until a friend introduced me to this organization. My green card was conditional and my

    ACISS Helped Me Get Conditions Removed from My Conditional Green Card
    Co- Of Officer

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