Immigration Services and Related Social Services

Many have escaped from fear, persecution, and victimization and have come to America desiring to reunite with their families and/or to start a new life of freedom. These people have a right to adjust and a right to fairness in the determination of their plight. They have a right to advocacy and a right to seek immigration services in applying immigration laws that favor their situation.

We, African and Caribbean Immigration and Social Services (ACISS) Inc., are one of the channels providing immigration services and related social services that ensure that these people know and enjoy those rights. Welcome to our website! Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of families and individuals attain their immigration aspirations.

If you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, browsing our website can help you visualize the predicament of strangers (i.e., newcomers to the United States) and discover ways in which you can help them. If you are a nonimmigrant, prospective immigrant, or immigrant, browsing our website will inform you of our immigration services and related social services that can assist you in your integration efforts.

In both cases, do contact us for more information. We appreciate you and your needs, positive comments, suggestions, and involvement.