ACISS Helped Me Through Domestic Abuse

I was emotionally, physically, and verbally abused by my ex-wife while we were still married. Frantic, I contacted ACISS for help. They immediately advised me to involve the police and hire a family lawyer. Thanks to their guidance, the police were able to track down my ex-wife and bring back my son.

I found a great family lawyer who worked closely with ACISS to complete my VAWA case. ACISS also insisted that I undergo domestic abuse counseling before they would take on my VAWA case. Since I live in Oklahoma, they had to outsource some of their services, and I sincerely wanted Christian counseling, which my insurance helped secure.

Last year, I received my green card, and I can adjust to citizenship in 2025. I am deeply thankful to ACISS for their support and professionalism in helping me through this difficult time. 

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