ACISS Reunited My Family

In 2014, I adopted my four nieces following the death of their parents during the Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone. One of the girls was born in the Gambia when her parents fled there during Sierra Leone’s civil war. Initially, I hired a law firm to help with the legal documents, but they lacked the necessary expertise and refused to learn how to navigate the legal systems in underdeveloped countries. The lawyer was about to submit a notarized statement claiming that one of the children’s birth certificates was falsified, a document prepared by an illiterate grandmother who was unaware of the legal process. Despite charging high fees for the petitions for my minor adopted children, the lawyer rarely accepted my calls.

Desperate for help, I turned to ACISS. ACISS cautiously took over the case, determined not to let another instance of notario fraud harm my family and jeopardize the children’s only chance to be with their loving family. Thanks to ACISS, the three younger girls were immediately approved and are now with me, excelling in school as honor students!

I am grateful to ACISS for their exceptional work in reuniting my family.

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